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Trough Idler Belt Conveyor

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Trough Idler Belt Conveyor

March 31, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Stationary roller bed conveyor designed for severe duty, high volume transfer of bulk materials in applications up to 30 degree incline. Typical applications include conveying products from wet sludge to fine dusty powders to large aggregates in all types of environments.

Conveyor idlers, trough rollers and trough conveyor units manufactured by FMC Technologies and distributed by Tekforce are the quality choice for bulk material handling components throughout the world.

Idler Benefits:

Bearings are sealed for life and incorporate advanced sealing technology preventing ingress of contaminants and providing low rolling resistance, suitable for high-speed belt conveyors.

FMC idlers, precision pressed head roller design delivers amongst the lowest Total Indicator Run out (TIR) values in the industry maintaining roller integrity and extending roll life.

A full range of trough roller and belt idler pulleys are available to suit 20, 35 & 45 degree trough frames. Models include belt return rollers, flexible idlers, composite idlers, retractable idlers, transition idlers, underground truss frame idlers, customised idlers, catenary units, belt training idlers and picking / feeder idlers.

FMC Link-Belt conveyor idlers are rated for mine-duty applications, overland conveyors, coal-conveyors, iron ore , process plants and high-speed trough belt conveyor systems servicing EPCM projects, consultants and integrators.

Groove idlers Features:
1. Resistant: acid-base salt can not afford to have its corrosive effect.

2. Hardness: resistance to abrasion.

3. Sealing: groove roller sealed at both ends with plastic labyrinth seals, slick oil will not leak, can scroll long axis in a sealed state operation.

4. Ceramic surface: the formation of oxide film, the surface smooth, not adhere to the material, and the conveyor beltfriction coefficient is small, reducing the winch driver.

5. Groove roller Long life: more than steel rollers used 2-5 times a long time, and can reduce belt wear, belt does not run side to extend belt life.

6. Low operating costs: to reduce the overall cost of belt conveyer, to reduce maintenance man hours.

Groove roller used in large open-air dust, high corrosive environments, such as mines,power plants, steel mills, stones factory, cement plant, coal washery, salt, soda, chemical plants,terminals and all other transportation place.

Design Features:

* Multiple configurations and lengths to meet specific project requirements.
* Drives engineered per application.
* Belt widths and compositions designed per application. 2 ply 220# SBR with 3/16” x 1/16” covers is typical in 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” widths. Mechanical lacing.
* 4” diameter CEMA B carrying and return idlers. Spacing specified per application based on belt width and product load. 20, 35 and 45 degree trough idlers available.
* Protected screw take-up frames.
* 6” x 8.2# structural channel frame construction.

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