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Types of Mining Equipment used in mining industry

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Types of Mining Equipment used in mining industry

June 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The mining industry is one of the most dangerous industries found in the United States. Using such mining equipment like blasting charges to open up new holes in canyons in order to begin a new mine shaft construction, coal and silver miners face many hazardous working conditions. Smaller mining tools like pick axes and dirt shovels are used to dig out smaller coal and silver chunks from mining sites.


In order to clear a large amount of sand and rock from a mountain that contains coal or silver, it is necessary to use a bulldozer for this purpose. Mining supervisors and managers will order the bulldozer driver to use this heavy equipment vehicle’s main blade section to cut into bushes, sand rock and dirt at the exterior surface of a mountain. After doing this, a blasting cap will be placed on the side of the mountain that will be dug into using other mining equipment .

Blasthole Drill

When coal or silver is found in a large mountain that contains a very tough exterior, a blasthole drill is used. With the capacity to drill a hole up to 195 feet deep, this type of mining tool resembles a tractor equipped with a very tall steel crane built on the top of its main cabin. Featuring a powerful two-speed hydraulic motor that helps to propel the crane’s steel jaws into the surface of the Earth, the blasthole drill creates a large hole that the miners can then dig a tunnel through.

Bucket-Wheel Excavator

Used primarily in surface mining projects in order to gather coal, silver and other minerals from an excavation site, the bucket-wheel excavator is constructed out of hard steel. Containing two separate horizontal cranes outfitted with an assortment of buckets fixed onto a long moving belt, miners will place dirt and coal remnants onto these buckets while shoveling through the mining tunnel.

Blasting Machine

When a mining project is under way and extremely stubborn and hard granite rock stands in the way of completing an underground tunnel, a blasting machine may be used. This solid state electronic device is hooked up to electric blasting caps via a wiring system that the user connects to this device’s input slots. After this process is completed, the user will charge the caps by holding down the charging button and after sufficient charging has occurred, the user will press the detonate button.

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