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Types of Raw Material and Supply Zones

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Types of Raw Material and Supply Zones

June 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Various types of raw material are used in stone crushing unit such as Granite, Black Trap, River Bed Pebbles, Semi Grade Stone, Soft Rock etc & varying in different geographical locations and as per the local demand requirements. The type of material varies depending on the colour, hardness, inherent moisture content etc.

The supply zones for the various types of raw materials range from local hillocks, open-cast mines, river bed, cliffs and other miscellaneous sources. Mostly small size stone crushers source their raw materials from the supply zones like local hillocks, river bed and other miscellaneous sources.

Medium and large size units with permanent type setup source their raw material from leased or owned open cast mines. Royalty, as imposed by the Geology and mining department is paid on mined stones as per rates fixed in respective regions. Open cast mines upto even 80 to 90 meter depth are quite common. Overburden is removed from the mine top layers and stacked along periphery of mined area.

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