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Types of Roll Crushers, Roll Crushers for Sale

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Types of Roll Crushers, Roll Crushers for Sale

May 17, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Roll crushers are machines equipped with teeth and wheels that crush material up to one fifth its original size. Types of roll crushers are dependent on roll diameters, the crusher settings, the number of wheels and the quality of material to be crushed. Roll crushers have replaceable parts since these machines experience wear and tear over the course of their use. Several industries use roll crushers, such as mining and mineral recovery.

Four Roll Crushers

Four roll crushers grind material into medium particles by the primary crushing process and fine particles by the secondary crushing process. Four roll crushers are mainly used in the fertilizer and chemical industries, and with power plant technology. These crushers have a low dust output, with adjustable roll diameters that control the sizes of particles. Overload protection guards the machine against foreign material destroying the machine.

Three Roll Crushers

Three roll crushers perform primary and secondary crushing, reducing material to medium and fine particles. Equipped with three turning wheels, crushing rings or ledges to execute crushing, three roll crushers have equipment that keeps dust from penetrating the machine and interfering with the rollers’ performance. The rollers have rotating V-belts that are powered by electrical and gear motors. Three roll crushers accommodate a high capacity and constant flow of material for high volume crushing.

Single Roll Crushers

As its name implies, a single roll crusher uses one wheel to grind up mining material, such as coal, salt, ore, chalk and slag. These crushers come with crushing rings, ledges, teeth or shells made of high quality steel. A single roll crusher produces medium particles. The crushing plate has a replaceable comb plate in case of wear and tear.

Smooth Roll Crushers

Smooth roll crushers are used to pulverize bits to fine and medium particles. Used primarily for glass, coal, fertilizers, salt and rock, smooth roll crushers come paired with rotating wheels. The size of the gap between both wheels determines the size of the end product. Smooth roll crushers have a long life and execute gentle crushing.

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