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Universal Crushers Jaw Crusher Manganese Wear Parts

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Universal Crushers Jaw Crusher Manganese Wear Parts

June 30, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Universal crushers jaw crusher Manganese Wear Parts

We have more Jaw designs and alloy options in stock than anyone in North America. With over 5000 patterns available, Diamondback offers the largest selection of quality manganese crusher wear parts available.

Diamondback guarantees the performance of every casting. We will replace or make adjustments for defects in chemical or physical specifications, dimensional accuracy and physical performance.

If your Universal Crusher parts are not listed here, please provide the model and serial numbers, chances are we can offer the fastest possible delivery.

10X16, 10X24, 15X24, 10X36, 20X36, 24X40, 30X42
Part Number Weight Description
1017 165.00 1016-Stationary
1018 165.00 1016-Movable
1074 331.00 1024-Stationary
1075 304.00 1024-Movable
1684 547.00 1524-Movable
1685 585.00 1524-Stationary
1078 665.00 1036-Stationary
1079 667.00 1036-Movable
C-110-6 1094.00 2036-Stationary
C-110-7 1202.00 2036-Movable
C-110-18 963.00 2036-Movable
C-110-19 968.00 2036-Stationary
1219-A5 1712.00 2036-Stationary
1219-A6 1600.00 2540-Movable
B-19-59 1649.00 2436-Stationary
B-19-60 1596.00 2436-Movable
B-524-13 2200.00 3042-Stationary
B-524-13-HT 2569.00 3042-Stationary
B-524-14 2502.00 3042-Movable
B-524-14-HT 2813.00 3042-Movable

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