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Universal traditional jaw crushers

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Universal traditional jaw crushers

May 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Perfectly Balanced Flywheels
– Balancing the fl ywheels gives the machine a smoother action, transmitting less vibration to the structure. The large diameter of
the fl ywheels provide continuous driving force (inertia).

Wear-Resistant Heel Plates & Key Wedges
– Protect the base of the jaw crusher preventing any wear to occur on the

Rugged Deep Section Steel Base
– This rigid one-piece fabricated base is stress relieved, jig bored and machined to close tolerances to give the producer a machine with perfect shaft alignment, jaw fi t and rugged strength for every job.

Reversible Manganese Jaw Plates
– The reversible and heat-treated wear resistant manganese jaw plates actually get tougher as they work. The
extra jaw plate length plus the crushing angle assures instant nip of incoming material. Production-wasting material
rebound is held to a minimum. A variety of jaws are available for select models.

Anti-friction Bearings
– Big bearings in the base and pitman provide smooth, power-saving action. These large bearings will take big loads and still have plenty of reserve strength for the unexpected overloads.

Massive Cast Steel Pitman
– Heavy reinforcing at every stress point, plus massive hubs, clearly illustrate built-in strength. Carefully controlled
annealing after casting assures extra shock resisting power found in few crushers size for size. Close tolerances are maintained in fi nal machining to provide accurate fi t of bearings and jaw plates to maintain the balance required by Universal inspection.

Rugged Eccentric Shaft
– These rugged eccentric shafts are hammer forged from the fi nest quenched, tempered and stressrelieved alloys. There is just enough eccentric throw to give clean impact-like crushing and yet avoid harsh rubbing motion which robs
horsepower and creates excessive jaw wear.

Hydraulic Shim Jaw Adjustment
– The lower jaw adjustment easily changes the lower jaw openings for fast change of product size. The adjustment can be made quickly and easily with the hydraulic ram to change shims.

Safety Toggle Plate
– The dual purpose toggle plate is designed to break when uncrushable material enters the crusher chamber. The toggle plate is also responsible for controlling the stroke at the bottom of the crushing chamber. Set at a steep angle, the toggle provides a sharp secondary blow at the bottom of the jaws and increases forced feed and discharge action.

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