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July 11, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Barytes is used in the manufacture of asbestos products required for autobrake lining and other frictional materials. It is used as a filler in paper industry. Finely ground barytes and clay are used
as suspension in Barvois system of coal washing. Barytes is also used in concrete aggregate required for reactor shielding.

Oil and Gas Drilling

The properties like insolubility in water, inertness and high specific gravity enable barytes application as a weighing agent in drilling operations to control pressure, prevent blow-out and at the same time to provide lubrication. Barytes powder containing minimum 90% barium sulphate and having 4.15 specific gravity is recommended for drilling. For offshore drilling, the specific gravity should be 4.2. At least 97% ground barytes should pass through 75- micron IS sieve and 95% through 53- micron IS sieve.


Major barium chemicals obtained from barytes are carbonate, chloride, oxide, hydroxide, nitrate, peroxide and sulphate. Barium carbonate is used in glass industry, electro-ceramics and for removing inconvenient impurities in phosphoric acid. Barium hydroxide is used in the preparation of barium salts of organic acids which are employed as additives for lubricating oils and as stabilisers for PVC. Barium sulphate is used as pigment, extender and filler in rubber and paper industries.

Lithopone, a mixture of BaSO4 and ZnS, is used in paint and lacquer industries as white pigments, extenders and fillers. Barium nitrate is used in green signal flares, tracer bullets, primers and detonators. Barium oxide is used in electric furnace. Barium titanate finds use in miniature electronic and communication equipment .

Barytes is also used for explosive manufacture. For chemical industry, purity is the prime criterion, with ferric oxide and strontium sulphate limited to a maximum 1% and fluorine as traces. The mesh size is also important in manufacturing chemicals. Barytes used for explosive manufacture may be bleached or unbleached. It should be in dry powder form free from extraneous matter.


Barytes is used as filler and extender in paint industry. White pigment is manufactured from barytes. Barytes should be free from mud, clay or
siliceous minerals. Presence of iron oxide is undesirable. The material should be in the form of dry powder.


In glass manufacturing, barytes is added to the glass melt for making the glass more workable and increasing its brilliance. Iron is the most undesirable impurity.


Barytes is used as a filler and extender in rubber products. It is added to rubber compounds for reinforcement. Barytes containing minimum 99.5% BaSO4 is usually preferred. Since such purity material is not found in nature, before use, barytes is normally bleached called ‘blanc fixe’. The sieve residue through 75-micron and 150- micron sieve should be 4% and 0.01% max, respectively.

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