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Vertical and horizontal grinders mills or quipments

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Vertical and horizontal grinders mills or quipments

June 27, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

The most common type of wet grinder is vertical, which means that the sides of the stone runs vertically and the horizontal circumference is used for grinding.

There are also horizontal grinders, which means that the stone runs horizontally and the upper side of the stone is used for grinding. Since the water cannot be lifted by the rotation of the stone, there is a water reservoir on top of the machine.

The horizontal wheel gives a truly flat bevel, while the vertical grindstones give the bevel a slightly hollow shape depending on the diameter of the wheel. The hollow shape is hardly noticeable and has no influence on the function of the tool, provided that you do not use a grindstone with a diameter which is too small. Please see next page.

A disadvantage with horizontal grinders is that the speed and the grinding effect vary with the distance from the centre of the stone. This causes more wear at the periphery than closer to the centre. It is also difficult to true the stone flat on a horizontal grinder while truing a vertical stone is easy.

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