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Vertical Spindle Roller Mill Coal Pulverizers

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Vertical Spindle Roller Mill Coal Pulverizers

June 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Vertical Spindle Roller Mill Coal Pulverizers
Foster Wheeler MBF Coal Pulverizers are specifi cally designed for increased operating cycles and lower maintenance costs. FW supports all MB & MBF replacement parts and upgrades to suit customer individual needs.

Replacement Parts:
• Airports Upper & Lower • Eccentric Hubs • Rollers • Bearings • Oil Seals • Scrapers • Coal Shields • Roller Hubs • Segments • Plungers

Testing & Field Service
With 100 years of experience, our services include mill inspections and performance evaluations including off-site grinding roller rebuild and refurbishment. As part of our quality-focused commitment to ontinuously improve pulverizer operability and maintainability, several major design upgrades have been made available for both the MB and MBF pulverizers. These customized upgrades have assisted many of our customers in dramatically reducing maintenance budgets while improving profi tability throughout the equipment ‘s long service life.

Dynamic Pressurized Rotating Classifi er
The rotating classifi er offers coal fl ow and fi neness control using variable speed drive. This new design will greatly improve (10% to 30% output) and increase the effi ciency with added fl exibility to process varying types of fuel in
existing mills.

Rotating Airport Design
Our latest improvement in MBF air-coal fl ow geometry reduces wear on the airport surfaces. The rotation of the port reduces wear in two ways:
• Coal passes over the port opening and is swept upwards before it can be trapped in the interface between the rotating and stationary pieces. Older designed stationary airports require coal to travel over the interface where it can become trapped
and cause wear.
• The rotation of the ports reduces housing wear by spreading the wear more evenly over the entire periphery of the pulverizer. The 3-sided airport design results in a self-cleaning action of the gap area. These new airports are two-piece rotating airports. The lower airport segment will be made of cast iron while the higher wear upper airport will be made of
cast chrome-moly abrasion resistant white iron. The upper airport will be designed for the fuel and is a simple bolt on design and can be changed quickly as fuels change. This design extends the total wear life and as a result, reduces the required maintenance hours and extends the parts replacement cycle.

Shim Style Plunger
The improved design replaced the older cartridge style tensioner. This well accepted product has been lauded for its ease of retrofi t onto existing pulverizers. This simplifi ed design requires a minimum maintenance while providing easy adjustments required in order to optimize mill performance over the wear life of the grinding components.
• Externally Adjustable Plungers
• Individually Controlled Discharge Dividers
Vane guided Discharge Dividers are designed to provide coal fl ow adjustment and distribution control to each conduit. As a reuslt, fi ne tuning of mill coal fl ows to each conduit and burner is now possible.

High-Chrome Rollers and Grinding Table Segments
Rollers and Grinding Table Segments have become our standard offering and have dramatically increased durations between required change outs. Patented Profi led Roller that increases Fineness

Next Generation Ceramic Tires and Segments

This new technology combining Ceramics and Iron brings a higher wear resistance and durability over High-Chrome Roller. Expected wear life may be doubled for the same size roller. Ceramic is imbedded in the high wear surfaces in order to maintain an even profi le longer and reduce roller vibration during operation. As a result, ceramic rollers will decrease wear of internal components and with it maintenance cycles.

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