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Vibrating feeder, vibratory feeding equipment for sale

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Vibrating feeder, vibratory feeding equipment for sale

April 23, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

 vibrating feeder profile

Vibrating feeder is a kind of index advanced feeding machine equipment . Can be widely used in mining , metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical, electric power industries, used to block, makings shape and powder material from the bunker or funnel uniform continuous or to quantitatively by feeding.

Vibrating feeder say again vibration feeding machine. Vibrates the feeding engine in the production process, may massive granular materials from store in the bunker even, timing, to give continuously is expected in the installment, in the sand production line for vibrating feeder stave machinery continuous evenly feed, and coarse material, vibrates the feeding machine widely used in metallurgy, coal, ore dressing, building materials, chemical, grinding compound sectors such as crushing, screening combination of equipment.

NFLG vibrating feeder advantages

1, comprehensive index vibration steady, reliable operation, long service life, simple structure, feed even, continuous performance is good, excitation force adjustable;
2, operation and controllable Angle always change and control flow, convenient operation; Eccentric piece for the vibration source, low noise, less consumption, adjust performance is good, no rush material phenomenon;
3, enclosed airframe adopt closed-end fuselage vibration can prevent dust pollution smooth, reliable operation, long service life;
4, exciting force can adjust excitation force, can always change and control flow, convenient adjustment stability;
NO5 well-equipped alloy steel by manger made of alloy steel plate, manger applicable transportation high temperatures, severe worn and corrosive materials

Vibrates the feeding engine installation should note

1, vibrating feeder for example for ingredients, quantitative feeding, to ensure smooth and steady feedstock’s, prevent materials should be installed horizontally, such as analysed raw material continuously general feeding, can pour 10 ° under installation. For viscous material and large water under the material can pour 15 ° installation. Specific according to their own needs can be properly adjust the Angle;
2 the after install, there shall be vibrating feeder 20mm swimming clearance, transverse should level positions, suspension devices using the flexible connection;
3, empty before all, should will try once, especially strong bolts of vibration motor bolts, continuous operation 3-5 hours, should be retightened once;
4, commissioning, two vibration motor must to rotation;
5, feeding in operation process of the often should check amplitude, current and the stability of the abnormal noise, shall promptly parking processing;
6, motor bearing once every 2 months charging high temperature lubricating oil, filling a lubricant should monthly season;


NFLG vibrating feeder quarter performance is good, no rush material phenomenon; Simple structure, reliable operation, regulating convenient installation, light weight, small volume, maintenance is convenient; When using closed structure when the fuselage can prevent dust pollution; Low cost advantages.

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