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Vibrating screens, vibrating screen equipment for sale

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Vibrating screens, vibrating screen equipment for sale

April 2, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Vibrating Screens Product Details

Screening is the most common device for grading material in different sizes as required. Some of the required grading goes out with the material of unrequired size the lesser proportion, the more efficient the screening. Screening efficiency is an indication of under size material going to oversize. There are various types of screen with separate requirement and functions like rotor screen, Vibrating Screen, Vibrating Circular Screen etc. which working on the technique of circular motion elliptical motion and resonance screens. The application of above category is for different purposes of screening:

Classify : Classifying is separation of a mass of particles into two or more grading
Scalping : Scalping is done relatively large sieve openings. This is mostly done as relief. Screening before crushing and in order to prevent smaller pieces going into the crusher.
Dust Removable : It is the screening of granular products with a view to removing unwanted fine particles which were formed during the process.

Selection of screen

Vibrating Screens cater to about 80 percent of all screening requirement. For selecting a suitable screen firstly it is necessary to the effects of relevant characteristics of the feed material such as sieves, analysis shape of particles, moisture contents etc.

Important Aspects

The higher proportion of fines, the easier the Screening.
The more the marginal particles; the more difficult the Screening because marginal particles cause pegging.
Higher proportion of particles smaller then half the mesh openings quickens the Screening.
Very fine particles under 0.5 mm blind the mesh if the material is moist and they create dust nuisance if the materials dry.
The shape of material also has a bearing on its screen ability.

Vibrating Screens Salient Feature

BASKET : Compact, sturdy, easy for maintenance and partly dust proof designed.Sealing plates are provided at the backside of the Vibrator to prevent dust liner plate are provided to avoid wear and tear of body plates.
FRAMES: Base frame and Screen cloth frame are duly fabricated from Channel.
SCREEN CLOTH : Screen cloth provided with punched plates and for Dust, Carbon Steel /Wire net and also providing wire mesh as per requirement of customer.
SPRING UNITS : Spring Coil dia. selected to take enough load and combination of two springs are made suitably to withstand vibration.
VIBRATOR PIPES : The Center Shaft is fully covered with Center pipe which is used jointless ( Seamless) to avoid the cracks (failure). Provideda replaceablehoodtoprotectthemaincenterpipe.
SHAFT : EN8 material is used and machined allover. Provided adequate eccentricity on shaft.
BEARINGS : Self-aligning double raw roller bearings ofStandard manufacturers are being used.
WEIGHTS ECC. : Provided flats for the adlustment ofthe vibration.
SAFETY : Guards are provided on both ends forthe Eccentric Weights.
BEARING HSG: Material used for Bearing Housing is steel cast and it is fully machined to get alignment.

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