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Vibratory Grizzly Feeders, Vibrating Feeders for sale

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Vibratory Grizzly Feeders, Vibrating Feeders for sale

June 13, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

Vibratory Grizzly Feeders Product Details

A Grizzly feeder is a heavy duty construction, robust support steel springs to tail up effectively the dynamic loads produced the feed material, heavy duty exciter induce the large stroke and high falls required to deliver mine materials from a dump hopper. The Vibrating action of the feeder conveys material while separating loose fines. This provides smooth, controlled feed rates to maximum use capacity of the plant. The fine drops to the bottom of the feed material and are by passed through the Grizzly suction. Heavy duty springs suspension provides protection and cushioning against Impact and Vibration. It can be available in two types like Feeder with Vibrating Motor and with Eccentric Mechanism.

Apron Feeder

Normally employed for big boulders or lumps of material to feed to a primary crusher like jaw crusher or cone crusher etc. The Apron Feeder width normally ranges from 500 mm to 1800 mm but can go up to 2100 mm if necessary. The maximum size of lump should not be more than half the width of Apron Feeder. Being of steel construction it can be used for any material. The Apron Feeder handles big lumps; it is robust construction to with stand heavy jerks of loading material.

Reciprocating Feeders

This feeder also used for big lumps and are of robust construction. Such feeders can also handle medium and fine material, provided the material dose not tends to pack and bridge in the feeder range from 300 to 2500. The Feeder normally operates below 30 strokes per minute. The stroke length can go upon the size of lumps. The mechanism is simple and easy to maintain, which is working with Gear box and arms.

Relliiablle Heavy–Dutty Grriizzlly Feederrs

V ibrating grizzly feeders are the most accepted type of feeder in today’s demanding market. This is especially true for primary crushing when handling of large, heavy rock demands a feeder that is able to withstand constant abuse. The Cedarapids vibrating grizzly feeder excels with superior performance in this type of application. The Cedarapids vibrating grizzly feeder is the ideal choice for reliable, cost-effective performance. Cost of ownership has been driven down through new innovations and improved efficiencies,
which goes directly to your bottom line .

A feeder performs three important functions: (1) takes the shock of heavy dumped loads without affecting the superstructure;
(2) regulates feed rate to the plant; (3) the grizzly section separates material for product sizing such as “Rip Rap” and removes unwanted fines or bypasses smaller material around the crusher.

With its highly durable pan support system, Huck® bolted assembly, controlled vibrating action, adjustable timing gears, and grizzly bars designed to hold their setting, the Cedarapids vibrating grizzly feeder outperforms the competition day after day.

Cedarapids CD Series Feeders

• Extra-heavy construction, deep side channels, extra-heavy cross member and fillerbar sub-deck for long, reliable life
• Thick abrasion-resistant or mild steel liners — optional stainless steel, alloy, or rubber replaceable liners available
• Fixed or adjustable grizzly openings
• Heavy coil spring support system
• Powerful oscillating twin-shaft assembly with a 7/16″ (11.1 mm) stroke at 795 RPM — reduces material bridging and assures
positive feed

Cedarapids Advantage Series Feeders

• Deep formed steel side sheets with high strength steel pan and tubular support weldment to provide for maximum durability
without excess weight
• Standard 1/2″ (12.7 mm) thick abrasion resistant pan and side liners; bolt-on design for easy maintenance
• An aggressive stroke up to 5/8″ (15.9 mm) is generated with an optimum G-force to ensure proper stratification and forward motion
• In-line force transfer through the bearing coupled with slower shaft speeds provide extended bearing life
• Versatile bolt-together grizzly assembly with adjustable bar spacing, heavy-duty cast grizzly bars, with a variety of grizzly configurations

A Type and Siize fforr Everry Applliicattiion

Grizzly feeders are commonly used in the feeding and scalping of ROQ (run of quarry) and ROM (run of mine) material prior to crushing and/or conveying. Maximum lump sizes can range up to 6′ (1829 mm) cubes. The grizzly feeder is also widely used in the processing of “Rip Rap.”

• Recommended for applications involving severe impact
• Performs scalping and feeding in a single unit
• Withstands impact loading from trucks, loaders, or whatever is used to feed it
• Available with one, two or three grizzly decks
• Grizzly deck can be sloped at discharge end
• screen can be added underneath grizzly deck

A Few Reasons Why Cedarapids is the Preferred Feeder Line

Cedarapids feeders can be used in most feed applications whether it be to material handling equipment or direct to processing.
Huck® Bolt Construction
Major assemblies are Huck® bolted rather than welded to eliminate stress and facilitate replacement. Since Huck® bolts do not vibrate loose, they eliminate the need for periodic tightening.
Accurate, Even Feeding
The feeder’s vibrating action combined with proper pan design assures an even feed with material evenly dispersed over the feeder pan. Result…better control with less production problems.
Pan Configurations
Cedarapids feeders can be furnished with a variety of pan configurations including flat bottom, curved bottom, tubular, grizzly, perforated plate, single surface, multiple surface, step decks, end discharge, and intermediate discharge to suit the application requirement.
Quiet Operation
The feeder’s design holds noise levels to a minimum. Naturally, the type of material being processed will affect the noise level.
All feeders are factory-tuned to compensate for the slowing or dampening effects of head loads, assuring a consistent, steady
product feed.

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