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Zircon sand processing equipment: crusher and mill

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Zircon sand processing equipment: crusher and mill

April 9, 2023 nflg 0 Comments

During the zircon sand processing process, we can use NFLG zircon sand processing equipments such as zircon sand crusher, zircon sand milling machines (MTM medium speed mill and MTW European version trapezium mill ) for crushing and grinding. Especially the MTW zircon mill has adopted the European grinding technology greatly improving the efficiency of grinding process.

Zircon sand physical characteristics

Zircon sand is ubiquitous in the crust of Earth. Zircon sand occurs in igneous rocks (as primary crystallization products), in metamorphic rocks and in sedimentary rocks (as detrital grains). Large zircon crystals are rare. Their average size in granite rocks is about 0.1–0.3 mm, but they can also grow to sizes of several centimeters, especially in pegmatite.

Zircon is mainly consumed as a pacifier in the decorative ceramics industry. It is also the principal precursor to metallic zirconium, although this application is small, and all compounds of zirconium including zirconium oxide (ZrO2), one of the most refractory materials known.

Zircon sand processing plant

Zircon sand processing plant mainly includes below stages such as zircon sand crushing, zircon sand grinding, screening, feeding, washing stages etc. During the zircon sand crushing process, we can supply you zircon sand jaw crusher , zircon sand cone crusher , zircon sand impact crusher , zircon sand making machine (VSI series and VSI5X series) etc.

In the zircon sand grinding process, ball mill is the most common zircon sand milling machine in mining industry. Besides ball mill, Raymond mill and vertical mills are the key grinding equipments in this process. Equipped with vibrating feeder and screen , we can supply you the whole zircon sand processing plants with low cost and high quality.

Zircon sand processing plant pollution problem

Take into account how grinding process on product pollution reduced to a minimum, can use polyurethane rubber as a grinding barrel and the stirring bar protection layer, ensure material and metal objects without contact. In order to improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the viscosity of slurry, adding organic admixture (in dry hot volatile, no influence on product).

To ensure the quality of the products, using chemical purification way, to get rid of raw materials and process into the iron impurities, so that the product purity and whiteness improvement. This means that may be bit zircon sand, high-grade production of zircon sand powder.

Zircon sand mobile crusher

Zircon sand mobile crusher is the crushing equipment used in zircon sand ore mining industry. NFLG can supply you jaw, cone, impact, multi-crushing series type mobile crushers with world leading crushing technology.

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