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Excavator Daily Maintenance Schedule

Excavator Daily Maintenance Schedule

March 22, 2023 lei 0 Comments

Regular maintenance of excavator is an important measure to prolong the service life of excavator. Here is a detailed daily maintenance checklist of excavators. Which kind of maintenance have you done for your excavator?

Excavator Daily Maintenance Checklist PDF[DOWNOOAD]

1) Every 4 hours

Grease the boom and jib of the excavator and the pin or pin sleeve of the front device; Check the fuel and hydraulic oil level, engine oil level and hydraulic system for oil leakage and dripping, and make up; Clean the dust screen in front of the hydraulic oil cooler.


2) Every 50 hours

Add butter to the slewing bearing; Drain water and impurities from the fuel filter element; Drain water and impurities from the fuel tank; Replace engine oil or oil filter element; Check the fan belt for cracks, wear and correct tension; Check the tension of the track for looseness, abnormal noise or damaged parts.

3) Every 100 hours

The maintenance of the excavator every 100 hours is mainly to clean the sediment in the fuel tank, open the fuel discharge knob on the fuel tank, discharge the fuel, observe whether the fuel is clean, take out the fuel filter, observe whether the fuel filter is complete or needs to be cleaned and replaced, and discharge the sediment through the discharge valve at the bottom of the fuel tank. Refill with new fuel or filtered fuel.

4) Every 250 hours

Replace the gear oil of the slewing and traveling device and clean the air filter element; Replace the engine oil and filter element, and replace the hydraulic oil return filter element. Check the electric, hydraulic and charging capacity of the battery, and check whether the machine bolts and nuts are missing or loose.

5) Every 500 hours

Inject butter into the rotary gear, replace the hydraulic oil return filter element, clean the air conditioning filter element, clean the radiator, oil cooler and cooling fins of the air conditioning condenser, and replace the fuel and air filter element.


6) Every 1000 hours

Inject oil into the rotary reducer device; Replace the internal gear oil of slewing reducer and traveling reducer; Replace the engine coolant; Check and adjust the engine valve clearance.

7) Every 2000 hours

Replace the hydraulic oil and clean the hydraulic oil inlet filter screen, maintain the engine motor, check whether the welding parts have cracks or open welding, and whether other components are damaged.

8) Every 4000 hours

Replace all hoses of the fuel system, replace all hoses of the hydraulic system and the sealing device of the seal. Daily maintenance of excavator.

12 Safety Tips for Excavator Daily Operation

  1. After the excavator is started, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the boom, on the crawler and on the machine shed.
  2. The excavator shall be parked on a solid and flat ground to prevent rollover during operation.
  3. Each excavation should not be too deep. Do not lift the bucket too hard to avoid damaging the machinery or causing overturning accidents. When the bucket falls, be careful not to impact the track and frame.
  4. Workers who cooperate with the excavator in bottom cleaning, leveling and slope repair must work outside the turning radius of the excavator. Workers in different positions should take care of each other and cooperate closely to ensure safety.
  5. Workers and other equipment shall not stay within the loading range of the excavator. Prevent personnel or equipment from being injured by gangue spilling.
  6. When the excavator rotates, it needs the rotation clutch to cooperate with the rotation brake to rotate smoothly. Sharp rotation and emergency braking are prohibited.
  7. Before the bucket leaves the ground, it is not allowed to rotate or walk. When the bucket is fully loaded and suspended, do not lift and lower the boom and move.
  8. During backhoe operation, the soil must be shoveled after the boom stops stably to prevent the bucket handle and both sides of the boom groove from hitting each other.
  9. It is forbidden to repair, maintain and fasten the excavator during operation. In case of abnormal noise, peculiar smell and excessive temperature rise during work, stop the machine immediately for inspection.
  10. The excavator shall strictly obey the command during underground operation, but the excavator driver has the right to refuse to carry out any action that destroys the excavator or is unsafe.
  11. In case of failure of the excavator during operation, if the excavator driver cannot solve it by himself, he must report it to the excavator manager at the first time, so as not to delay the rush repair.
  12. During underground gas cutting or electric welding operations, the excavator must be covered with flame-retardant materials. In daily use, the excavator must be equipped with at least 2 bottles of dry powder fire extinguishers.

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