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Sand Washer Machine In Malaysia

Sand Washer Machine In Malaysia

March 22, 2023 lei 0 Comments

Sand washing machine Malaysia is designed on the premise of building sand standards, and mainly has three functions of cleaning, dehydration and grading in the refined production process of building materials. It is necessary not only to improve the cleanliness of sandstone resources, but also to ensure that the produced sandstone has a good gradation. Different types of sand washing machines are designed according to different raw materials to meet the demand for sand.

Why Sand Washer Machine

1. After the crushing or sand making process, a large amount of waste rock is mix in sandstone, which requires the sand washing machine to remove impurities and ensure the purity of finished sand.

2. The sand is high in mud and needs to be cleaned to ensure the purity of the finished sand.

3. The sand washing equipment is required for the dewatering to reduce the burden on subsequent production.

Sand Washer Machines Maintenance

Because of the compact structure, sand washing machines must be fully inspected before using. The coordination between components, whether the link is intact, whether the gap is reasonable, whether the screws between each component are loose or not, and how the equipment is in standby condition, these are carefully observed. For the management of sand washing machine, an effective maintenance plan must be developed, based on the maintenance instructions of the machine, and technical communication with the machine operator.

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