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Types of Sand Washer

Types of Sand Washer

March 22, 2023 lei 0 Comments

Sand washer is a washing equipment that wash and separate the soil and other impurities in sand(artificial sand, natural sand) and gravel aggregate. It is widely applied to road, hydraulic, hydropower, construction industries, mines, building materials, chemical industry, concrete mixing station and other industries to wash materials.

Sand washer can remove impurities that covered the surface of sand and gravel, and destroy the vapor layer of the coated sand, which is conducive to dehydration and increase the washing and cleaning effect.

Sand washer can be divided into two types: XS type and XL type.

XS Type Sand Washer

XS type is a kind of wheel sand washing machine is mainly used for washing of mixed soil and dust, along with the sand lifting in mining.

The transmission parts of wheel sand washer are isolated from the water and sand, which largely decrease the failure rate during the operation process.

Main features of wheel sand washer:

1.The loss of fine sand and stone powder is small in sand washing process. The washed sand is of good gradation, the fineness modulus can easily meet the requirements of relevant standards.
2.The structure is simple. The bearing parts of impeller driving is isolated from the washing water and sand thus largely decreasing the failure rate.
3.The washed sand is of high degree of cleanliness. Meanwhile, large operation capacity, low power consumption, and long service life can also he obtained.

screw sand washer

XL Type Sand Washer

XL type is a kind of screw sand washer can clean and separate soil and debris in sand and gravel. Its novel sealing structure, adjustable overflow weir plate and reliable transmission device ensure the effect of cleaning and dewatering.

Main features of screw sand washer:

1.Variable screw speed and water input to control product gradation.
2.Washer box length is dependent upon the percentage and tenacity of clay or the waste to remove.
3. Almost no parts are vulnerable to wearing and breaking down.

When using a sand washer, first, you should pay more attention to the Motors, Bearings, Rotary Shaft, we provide 11 tips common faults of sand washer and solutions to help you with the sand washer operating and maintains.

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