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March 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Composition: carbon,sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

Functional use: coal is the most important mineral untial now in the world. Coal can used as fuel, coking and use of coke, ethanol production, gasification, liquefaction , refined coal, industrial processes, cultural usage etc.

coal & coke :

Coal, a fossil fuel, is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide, Coal is extracted from the ground by mining, either underground or in open pits. Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. Coal is the workhorse of the nation’s electric power industry. The USA consumes about 14% of the world total, using 90% of it for generation of electricity, Coal-fired electric generating plants are the cornerstone of the nation’s central power system.

Coal crushing and coal mill:

Though coal has many usages such as gasification, liquefaction, ethanol production, the major usage is used as fuel and coke. In order to make full use of coal and reduce the pollution of the environment, after the coal have been mined, people usually crush the larger coal block to small one by coal crushing plant, use coal mill or coal pulverizer to grind the coal.

Coal crusher:
In the coal crushing plant, coal crushing can resize the coal stone so that it can be easily handled and processed. For the Mosh hardness of coal is usually under 5, the miners can use jaw crusher, JC jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher etc. to handle it. After the coal has been crushed, we need vibrating screen to grade the coal by size and then transport the coal via belt conveyor. In this process, dewatering screen is optional to remove water from the product.
Coal Crusher is acknowledged in coal processing industry for a long time. NFLG has many years manufacturing experience in coal crushing plant (coal crushing process, washing plant and belt conveyor). NFLG is a major coal crusher supplier for power plants and coke ovens, crushing limestone for blast furnaces, and crushing a wide range of raw and manufactured materials for industry.
As the largest exporter in the design and manufacture of coal crushers and spare parts, NFLG crushers are used in a wide variety of material reduction and processing applications in 100 countries around the world.

Coal mill:
As coal powder is the most important fuel in the power plant, The plant owners need coal mill or coal pulverizer to grind the coal to micro powders.
Raw coal (crushed) is fed through hopper at the top of the coal pulverizer and falls down to grinder ring to be pressed, crushed and milled into pieces by rollers. After the first crush, coal powder fall into the second and third layer. The pumping of the high-pressure centrifugal blower put the outside air into the coal mill. The coarse coal powder will be brought into the classifier.
As a pioneer in coal pulverizer, NFLG has positioned itself well to meet the challenge of supplying coal mill with reliably quality and efficiently at the lowest cost.
NFLG can manufacture and supply coal mill for all grades from hard coal to coke coal, our ball mill, High pressure Raymond mill, MTW trapezium mill, MTM trapezium mill, Coarse powder mill and micro powder mill is an ideal choice for power plants. The power plant can equipment different kinds coal mill to meet the required size.

Power plant coal mill Case:

Coal mill plays an important role in the coal-fired power plant. The power plant has two types of mills: ball mills and grinding mills.
Ball Mills. A ball mill uses steel balls and crush any coal that is in their way.
grinding Mills. The other type of coal mills are grinding mill. The coal gradually breaks into powder. The outlet of the mill includes a blower that blows the fine powder up to the boiler furnace.
After the coal has grind to micro powder, it will transported to boilers via a round pipe. The crushed coal is conveyed using primary combustion air into the furnace side of the boiler. The coal powder is feed into the coal mill through a central inlet pipe where gravity is used to lead the coal to the bottom of the coal mill, where the grinding table and heavy rollers of coarse powder pulverizers or micro powder grinding mills pulverizes the coal to particles. The air flow is fed through the mill, with the purpose of heating and lift the coal particles out of the coal mill and into the boiler furnace.

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