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March 29, 2023 nflg 0 Comments


Hardness: 2-10

Composition: 3CaO · SiO2 2CaO · SiO2, etc

Special quality: gravel, concrete and other masonry material

Affecting the air quality.
Affecting the air quality.
Destruction city’s appearance environment.
Potential safety hazard.

What is Construction Waste

Briefly, construction waste is resulted from putting up or removing a building. Construction Waste are Waste materials generated by construction activities, such as scrap, damaged or spoiled materials, temporary and expendable construction materials, and aids that are not included in the finished project, packaging materials, and waste which are generated by the workforce.

Construction Waste Features

Construction has a few big characteristics: tremendous. Thousands tons of construction will result from a single building. So there is hardly any place to settle them. University. The new world develops too quickly as construction is everywhere. Usualness. Construction is produced every minute. Pollution. The construction waste will pollute vegetation and environment and make inorganic pollution. These four characteristics decide we should make solution to construction waste proposal.

Harm of Construction Waste

The influence of construction waste to environment is featured with university, vagueness and hysteretic nature. So we need construction waste recycling.

  1. Waste land space and debasing the soil quality
    As the increase of construction waste in city, the number of construction waste pile-up spot becomes larger and so do the size of each spot. What’s more, for a variety of external result, the air storage construction waste can fall into oil nearby and they will destroy soil structure.
  2. Affecting the air quality.
    Under temperature and humidity condition, the waste pile will distribute some harmful gas; some rotten waste throws off strongly smell, and bacterium and stive from the spot will fly with the wind; a few building construction waste will give out the deleterious substance and lead to the second-pollution to atmospheric environment.
  3. Pollution to waters.
    With the operation of ferment, rainwater, surface waters and ground water, the poisonous parts of the waste will inflow to surface waters and ground water, which is used by city human.
  4. Destruction city’s appearance environment.
    City construction waste occupies large size of space and is in a muddle, which destroys the image of city. And construction waste pile is usually the health corner.
  5. Potential safety hazard.
    Because of the unbending choice of pile spot, Potential safety hazard influence people’s daily life.


As you see, construction waste really do harm to our life, how can we deal with them? As is known to all, construction waste includes gravel, concrete and other masonry material, so it is possible for us to reuse them. So NFLG provides solution to construction waste process. For the construction waste process, we should choose the right materials that are usable and next is crushing.

Construction Waste Plant, Construction Waste Crusher

NFLG supplies the professional construction waste plant, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher. Of all these construction crushers, mobile crusher is the most convenient. You know usually the construction waste is in city and to deal with them we should better use portable equipment. NFLG have five series of mobile crusher: jaw crusher series mobile crusher, impact crusher series mobile crusher, cone crusher series mobile crusher, multi-crushing mobile crusher and crawler type mobile crusher. The first four mobile crushers are tyre type mobile crusher and crawler type mobile crusher is crane on-track and is our ultramodern newly designed mobile crusher.

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