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Hardness: 2

Composition: Sb4O6, or other sulfide stibnite

Special quality: brittle, fusible, crystalline solid and easily powdered

Functional use: Antimony is used in semiconductor technology for making infrared detectors, diodes and Hall-effect devices. It greatly increases the hardness and mechanical strength of lead.

Antimony ore

Antimony, while not abundant, occurs in over 100 minerals; Almost as much antimony is produced from scrap as from ore. Antimony
produced from secondary sources is primarily derived from “old scrap,” generally consisting of lead battery plates, type metal, and bearing metal.
“New scrap,” which is derived from drosses and scrap generated during fabrication, constituted 8.6% of the secondary antimony in 1987 (Llewellyn
1988). Secondary antimony is chiefly consumed as antimonial lead; a small percentage goes into the production of other lead- and tin-based alloys.

Antimony trioxide is produced by oxidizing antimony sulfide ore or
antimony metal in air at 600-800!a

Antimony mining

In this process, the antimony ore is heated in a crucible oreverberatory furnace in a reducing atmosphere. High-grade sulfide ores can
also be reduced to the metal by iron precipitation, a technique in which the antimony ore is heated with iron scrap, which replaces the antimony. High-grade oxide ores are reduced with charcoal in a reverberatory furnace. An alkaline flux is used to reduce volatilization losses, which may be as high as 12-20X. The method of choice for low-grade sulfide ores is volatilizing roasting. In this process, the ore is heated to about 5OO”C, and the amount of oxygen is controlled, so that the antimony trioxide formed is volatilized and then recondensed. Intermediate-grade sulfide or oxide ores are generally handled by smelting. The impure metal may be refined by pyrometallurgical techniques or electrolysis. For further
details on antimony mining, ore processing, recovery, and refining, see Carapella or Herbst et al.

Antimony ore crushing

Antimony crushers, including jaw crusher, ball mill, impact crusher and cone crusher, are widely used in the whole antimony mining process. And mobile antimony crushers are the good equipment choise to most of the animony ore concentrators. Primary antimony crushing is used twice in the antimony process. NFLG would supply the most suitable antimony ore crushers and antimony mining mills for you.

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