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Composition:calcite, limestone, dolomite or serpentine,

Functional use: The gravel and odd bits generated in the process of marble stone mining with marble crusher, are used in the production of artificial stone, terrazzo, rock flour, the materials produced by marble crusher can also be used as filler in coating industry, plastics industry and rubber industry. More generally in construction, specifically the dimension stone trade.

Marble crusher

Marble crusher is the stone crusher that can process marble with excellent performance. As a major mining equipment company, we are a world class mining processing equipment manufacturer, the mining products such as marble crusher is of stable performance, high quality and low price. NFLG will be a good mining equipment supplier in future, and marble crusher must be our star crusher machine. For marble stone mine owners, when you produce the dimension stone use mining products , the gravel and odd bits generated by mining processing equipment can be crushed by our marble crushing plant such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc. These mining products used in mining and construction industry can help you fully make use of the stones. If it is not convenient to transport your stones, our mobile crushing plant equipped with high efficient marble crusher including jaw marble crusher, cone marble crusher, impact marble crusher, VSI marble crusher and mobile marble crusher can figure out this problem too.

Marble grinding machine

Marble grinding machine is the grinding machine designed especially for marble grinding. The marble grinding machine is usually used with marble crusher, which can provide the right marble products our industry needs. NFLG marble grinding machine is widely used in building materials, chemical, medicine, fire proof materials, painting materials and paper making industry. NFLG marble grinding machine includes trapezium marble grinding machine, coarse marble powder grinding machine, high pressure marble grinding machine, Raymond marble grinding machine, ball marble grinding machine, vertical marble grinding machine and ultrafine marble grinding machine.

Marble processing line

Marble production line mainly process marble used in paper making industry and consumer products. Marble crusher is the key equipment in this processing line, because marble crusher decides the size of the final products. Usually, if you want marble powder, marble grinding machine will helps to you get the right marble products. Different industries have different requirement to the size, shape of the marble and design plan of marble production line is needed.

The processing line of marble production roughly includes hopper -> vibrating feeder -> jaw crusher(primary marble crusher)-> impact crusher(secondary marble crusher) -> vibrating screen -> conveyor-> finished stone->marble grinding machine->final marble powder. Chute or belt conveyor is needed between the mining equipment.

The character of marble stone:

  • Stable physical properties, the material is stable and can ensure the long-term deformation, anti-rust, anti-magnetic and insulating.
    Marble stone resources are widely distributed, especially in European and Asian, which facilitate large-scale mining and industrial processing.
  • Marble stone is an ideal material used as Interior decoration.
  • Marble stone is a kind of Metamorphic rock, its Mosh hardness is from 2.5 to 5.

Industrial use of marble stone:

  • Except use as marble slabs and marble tiles the main application of marble stone is to get calcium carbonate and lightweight architectural aggregate by using marble crusher.
  • Colorless or light-colored marble stone is the ideal source for calcium carbonate, which is used in many industries. Finely ground marble or calcium carbonate powder is in paper making industry, and in consumer products such as toothpaste, plastics, and paints. Though ground calcium carbonate can be made from limestone, chalk, and marble, three-quarters of the ground calcium carbonate is made from marble.
  • Calcium carbonate can also be reduced under high heat to calcium oxide (also known as “lime stone”), which has many applications including being a primary component of many forms of cement.

NFLG marble crusher and marble grinding machine features

  • High quality. With the excellent structure our experts designed, NFLG marble crusher and marble grinding machine has better quality and higher capacity than other marble mining equipment.
  • Excellent final product shape. NFLG marble crusher can process the marble stone with cubical shape and less foliated structure.
  • Great reliability. All our marble crusher and grinding machine are equipped with self-protecting device.
  • Widely applied. NFLG marble crusher and marble grinding machine can be widely used in any industry that need stone crushing and grinding.
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