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Composition:feldspar, mica stone, amphibole, pyroxene, etc.

Functional use: it can use as all kinds building stone, especially outdoor stone such as paving stone, ballast stone , stone floors etc.

The character of quartzite:

  • The Mosh hardness of quartzite is 7. After quartz crusher crush, it can use as all kinds building stone, especially outdoor stone such as paving stone, ballast stone , stone floors etc.
  • Compact structure, an ideal material for crafts stone carving, especially the pure color quartz.
  • Quartzite are widely distributed, easy to mining , easy to process, low cost, is high rate of costs stone products.
  • Quartzite have wide range of uses, it is an important raw materials in manufacturer glass, ceramics, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, electronics, plastic, rubber, coating industries.

Industrial use of quartz stone:

Most quartzite stone contain 90 percent or more quartz, but some contain 99 percent and are the largest and purest concentrations of silica in the Earth’s crust. Pure quartzite are a source of silica for metallurgical purposes and for the manufacture of brick.
Quartzite stone is a decorative stone and may be used as paving blocks, cover walls, roofing tiles, a flooring, stair steps, riprap, crushed stone, and roofing granules. quartzite crushed by quartz crusher such as impact crusher and cone crusher is also quarried for using in road construction and for railway ballast. High purity quartzite is used to produce ferrosilicon, industrial silica sand, silicon metal and silicon carbide.
For people who has quartzite mines, our quartz crusher such as PFW series hydraulic impact crusher is an ideal crusher equipment to crush stones whose Mosh hardness is less than 9, after the primary crusher, our cone crusher can be used to crush the quartzite more fine. If is not convenient for you to transport the quartzite stone out of the mine site, our portable crusher can resolve the problem too.

Quartz sand production line:

The quartz sand production line mining equipment mainly includes vibration feeder, quartz crusher (jaw crusher, ball mill), vibrating screen, belt conveyer and other crusher equipment. According to different requirements of different customers, various types of mining equipment can be provided.
The typical production process of quartz sand production line roughly is: hopper -> vibrating feeder -> jaw crusher(primary crusher equipment)-> impact crusher(secondary crusher equipment) -> vibrating screen -> conveyor-> finished stone. Chute or belt conveyor is needed between the mining machinery.

New type glass raw materials processing technology advantages:
1, equipment investment is less than half of the other old type.
2, low metal consumption, main equipments includ rough jaw-crusher, Sand making machine ,it using the stone-crushing principle, its notable features is high broken efficiency, and low consumption of metal.
3, the new technology used dry production;
4, The products powder from new type production line can meet the float glass production process requirements, can be used for the production of sandstone, quartzite, silica and feldspar, the re-broking result of the broken glass is also very satisfying.

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