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How to improve The Excavator Bucket Teeth Service Life

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How to improve The Excavator Bucket Teeth Service Life

March 22, 2023 lei 0 Comments

Are your Bucket Teeth Worn? How To improve The Services life of your Excavator Bucket Teeth?

Bucket tooth is one of the main components of excavator. In the process of excavating, the working objects of bucket teeth are mainly ore, rock or soil, etc. The bucket teeth not only suffer from sliding wear but also bear certain impact load, which greatly shortens the service life of the bucket teeth.

Why Bucket Teeth are Worn

When the excavator works, each working face of the bucket tooth contacts with the object to be excavated, and its stress situation is different in different working stages of the excavating process.


First of all, when the bucket teeth contact the material surface, because of the fast speed, the tip of the bucket teeth will be subjected to a strong impact load. If the yield strength of bucket tooth material is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. With the increase of excavating depth, the pressure on the bucket teeth will change.

Then, when the bucket teeth cut materials, the relative movement between the bucket teeth and the materials will produce a great extrusion on the surface, which will produce friction between the working surface of the bucket teeth and the materials. If the materials are hard rock block, concrete, etc., the friction will be greater.This process repeatedly acts on the working face of the bucket teeth to produce different degrees of wear, and then produces a deep furrow leading to bucket teeth scrapping. Therefore, the quality of the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the bucket teeth directly affects the service life of the bucket teeth.

7 Ways Help to improve The Service life of Bucket Teeth

Select Suitable Welding Materials

  • 1. In order to improve the wear resistance of bucket teeth, it is necessary to choose a reasonable welding material for surfacing (high manganese steel is widely used in high impact wear conditions). In order to obtain the bucket teeth with good wear resistance, it is usually necessary to further optimize the material composition to achieve the design of high hardness and toughness composition.

bucket teeth types

Daily Maintenance

  • 2. The bucket teeth on both sides of the excavator are worn about 30% faster than those in the middle. The bucket teeth on both sides and in the middle can be interchanged for further use, so as to reduce the repairs times and indirectly increase the service life of the bucket teeth.
  • 3. Before the bucket teeth reach the use limit, repair them in time.
  • 4. During the operation of excavator, pay attention to that the bucket teeth are perpendicular to the working face when digging down, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.
  • 5. When resistance is large , avoid swinging the digging arm left and right, and avoid the fracture of the bucket tooth and the tooth seat due to the excessive left and right forces.
  • 6. It is recommended to replace the gear base after 10% of worn. There is a large gap between the worn gear base and the bucket teeth. The bucket teeth are easy to break due to the change of the stress point.
  • 7. Improving the driving method of excavator is also very important to improve the utilization ratio of bucket teeth. When lifting the boom, the excavator driver should try not to fold up the bucket and pay attention to the coordination of operation.

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